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We have a large selection of Tuxedos for hire. As a dinner suit, the Tuxedo is normally a 2 piece black suit, with a satin lapel, and a satin stripe down the trousers.

Tuxedo Suit Hire/Rental in Cork City

You can’t make a first impression twice. With your suit as the sartorial window to your soul, it’s important to consider what it says about you.

Tuxedo’s come in a variety of shapes and styles. Each manufacturer seems to have their own take on this classic formal suit. As a dinner suit, the Tuxedo is normally a 2 piece black suit, with a satin lapel, and a satin stripe down the trousers. The wedding Tuxedo can be the same as the the dinner suit variety or slightly more fashionable with satin shawl collar, and no stripe on the outside of the trousers.

Slim and Comfort fit elegant dress suits €60 including a white shirt and black bow.

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Every Suit Rental is different, that is why its important to get in touch with us so we can give you as much information as possible.  We will get back to you ASAP, help you organise the Suit Fitting, Colour, Suit Type and more.  Use the contact form to get started and we will respond to you with a price quote

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    Tuxedo Rental Cork

    Tuxedo for your Wedding

     Let’s speak the truth: people are more likely to say more about the attire worn by the bride than about the tuxes worn by the groom. That said, this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t grab the chance to appear in your absolute best. It is after all, you’re wedding too! It’s also a fact that great groom fashion is known to start with great wedding tuxedo.

    The groom is generally expected to wear tuxedo vest underneath a tuxedo jacket. You can wear a black waistcoat, or the more popular option is wearing a contrasting colour like silver grey or Ivory. You can also wear a tie/bow/cravat in the same material as the waistcoat to complete the outfit. The formal white shirt can be a dress shirt which comes with pleats and embroidery, or a plain double cuff shirt which can be worn with cufflinks.

    It’s not only more affordable, but hiring a tuxedo from Con Murphy’s Menswear is more prudent.

    Before starting your tuxedo rental search in Cork, it’s important to understand some basics about tuxedos and weddings.

    Tuxedo Basics

    By far, the black tuxedo is the easiest one to coordinate properly, as well as the most versatile when it comes to your accessories colour options. Commonly, the man will go for a matching pocket square and neck-wear to go along with the attire. White, silver, ivory, and platinum are all sophisticated and safe vest colours. For wedding parties, other popular shades are red/claret, the more vibrant turquoise, as well as the darker, deeper, red wine colour.

    Tuxedo Hire/Rental Tips

    There are lots of different reasons why you would want to dress in a tux, and that is why Con Murphy’s wants to ensure that you are looking your best. While looking for the perfect tuxedo rental, keeping the above basics will make the task of choosing much easier. Here at Con Murphy’s Menswear, our joy is when you appear at your best and feel it too. Whether it’s your wedding, a friend’s wedding or a black tie event, you cannot get better tuxedo rental services in Cork.

    That’s also why we have developed the following tips on tuxedo do’s and don’ts.

    Get the Correct Tuxedo Accessories

    Avoid belts when wearing a tuxedo. Instead, go for trousers that can take braces. Also steer clear of shoes with too many details such as wingtips as they are too sporty. For a tux, only put on a bow tie as neckties come out too business-like.

    Avoid Department Stores when looking for a Tuxedo

    Some of the larger department stores offer tuxedo hire as a smaller portion of their core business, such as a bridal shop.  They may even have a catalogue that they present to the customer to select their choice tuxedo.  However, they most likely are deficient when it comes to qualified, experienced and friendly staff to guide you through the selection process or they could be lacking in terms the actual tuxedo inventory. What looks stunningly great in a catalogue or magazine page may turn out to be an ill-fitting garment in real life.  We want to help you avoid that when you visit Con Murphy’s Menswear store in Cork.

    Save Money Hiring Tuxedos in bulk

    If you are renting tuxedos for a wedding, have all the groomsmen order theirs from the same rental place so that you all perfectly match. You could also get a discount from the store as well for such an order. Again, it’s important they you all order your tuxedos well in advance and not wait until the last days.

    Hire from Professionals

    Similar to hiring from different rentals, it could be a grave error to hire from a shop that is not well stocked. Also avoid any rental that will not have the tuxedo ready ahead of time so that you can have a chance of trying it on.  Stores with little inventory may be overwhelmed during a busy season or weekend. To avoid that, our store in Cork makes sure the tux is ready well in advance to ensure it fits you well and matches your order expectations.

    At Con Murphy’s Menswear, we have qualified, experienced and friendly outfitters to help you in making the most suitable rental selection.  Visit our Cork store for our full tuxedo range. We are at 60 Patrick Street, Cork and can be contacted on (021) 427 1215.

    Why Con Murphys Menswear?

    The good news is though; people living in the Munster region and its surroundings can now be able to affordably rent the most exclusive suits from us. It is our work to ensure that we get you the most befitting suit. We understand well that fit always beats brand hands down. Therefore, we wouldn’t like you to face a situation where you go and buy a very expensive suit; only for you find out that the shoulders aren’t sitting quite right. The good thing about going for a rented suit from Con Murphy’s is that you have all the time to fit all sizes of suits before settling for the best fitting suit.

    • 5 star review  Fantastic store, they offer a wide range of suit purchase and rental options, tuxedos, 3 piece suits, you name it. I think the standard of their suits is a touch higher, and if you are looking for a real treat, ask about the made to measure suits

      thumb Adrian Duffy
    • 5 star review  This shop is deservedly known as a Cork institution. Excellent service all round: reputation is well deserved. (I'm also pleased to note that the Benetti advert featuring Stuart Olding et al seems to have been taken down from its prominent place in the window; this was a wise decision, given his and his comrade's self-described reprehensible behaviour.)

      thumb Barry M. O'Brien
    • 5 star review  I've been a regular customer for about two years now and the reputation they have is definitely well deserved. I got a suit as well as more casual clothes and I've been very happy with the quality of the product as well the service. The guys there are very friendly and will definitely help you find exactly what you were looking for.

      thumb Jakub Piatek
    • 5 star review  Very good range of high quality men's clothing.

      thumb Mary Lawless
    • 5 star review  Great shop to buy clothes. Excellent quality selection and service. The staff were so friendly and helpful.

      thumb Dan McLoughlin
    Looking for a particular style of suit? why not contact us!

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